What is a faucet?

What if I told you that you can earn small amounts of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies absolutely free? Who wouldn’t want free money? Of course you’re probably asking yourself “What’s the catch?” about now. Good news, there isn’t one.

A crypto-faucet is a website in which you click a few times and in return you’re rewarded with a small amount of a cryptocoin.

How Does it Work?

A bitcoin or other crypto-faucet is an easy way to earn free cryptocoins. The websites basically display ads, and require you to pass a captcha and possibly go through a short link. When completed, the site pays out a small amount of currency to a microwallet. From there you can convert trade or convert that currency to others, or simply just stockpile and eventually transfer to a private wallet, once you reach the micro wallet’s payment threshold.

How Can they Give Away Money?

No doubt you’re wondering how a site can give away money and stay solvent. Most faucets are indeed not profitable, at least at first. These sites earn revenue for every ad that is displayed, and every shortlink that you visit. In return for the revenue, the site shares a portion of it with you in the form of cryptocurrency.

Are faucets safe?

Generally speaking, yes. Most faucets participate in popunder ad networks, and sometimes those popunders may try to get you to download something, but the vast majority of the faucets themselves are safe. While we can’t speak for other faucet owners, we can say for sure that our faucets themselves are safe. As with most things on the internet, if you use a little common sense, and don’t download anything, you will be totally fine.

I want free coins!

Yes, I want free crypto-coins! Take me to your Faucet list!