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Cryptocurrency Wallets

So you’ve decided you want to trade cryptocurrency, but you may or may not feel comfortable keeping your bitcoin on an exchange. For those that want the peace of mind of control over your bitcoin, you are going to want a wallet.

Originally if you wanted to buy or mine bitcoin, you had no choice but to get the qt client and sync the entire block chain. The block chain now days is probably close to 100 gig and will take days to sync. Thankfully as Bitcoin has become more widely adopted, there are an ever increasing number of options for you now.

Micro wallets


FaucetHub.io – This is probably the most widely used micro-wallet, as it is connected to more faucets than Coinpot. It also offers other benefits, such as games and an active user base. You can even earn coins just by participating in the chat. In order to use the TwendingTrades.com faucets you must register at FaucetHub.


Coinpot.co – This microwallet is the one used by the Moon faucets and a few other high paying ones. You can also convert coins into different currencies easily here.

Bitcoin (BTC) Wallets


Desktop Wallets

Bitcoin-qt  – This is the heavy weight of the options, requiring you to sync the entire block chain, which could be upwards of 100gb or more. You can also find the links to various other clients on the Bitcoin core site here.

Electrum Lite Wallet – By far my favorite alternative to syncing the entire Bitcoin core is the Electrum Lite Wallet. It does everything you need it to, and is much more lightweight. Not only do they have a Bitcoin wallet, but they have wallets for other altcoins as well. I definitely recommend them for the average user.

Ethereum (ETH) Wallets


Desktop Wallets

Ethereum QT – This is the core Ethereum platform wallet. Much like others, expect the blockchain to be very large and take a few days to sync


Litecoin (LTC) Wallets


Desktop Wallets

Litecoin-qt – This is the full Litecoin core client. Expect it to be very large and take a few days to sync.

Electrum-LTC – This is a lite wallet, very similar to Electrum for btc. It is my personal favorite soluition.

Dogecoin (DOGE) Wallets


Desktop Wallets

Dogecoin Core – This is the core platform for Dogecoin. Expect the blockchain file to be very large and take a few days to sync.

Multidoge – This is a lightweight wallet, very similar to the Electrum wallets for other currencies. I have used it personally for a while and prefer it.


Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Wallets


Desktop Wallets

BitcoinCash – This is where you will find the core wallet. Reminder that core wallets are much larger than lite wallets.

Electron Cash Wallet – This is a lite wallet for desktop. This is what I prefer over the core wallet

Bitcore (BTX) Wallets


Desktop Wallets

Bitcore.cc – The source for the core wallet for Bitcore

Blackcoin (BLK) Wallets


Desktop Wallets

Blackcoin.io – The core Blackcoin wallet

BlackCoinLite – This is a liteweight wallet, but we haven’t tested it.


Peercoin (PPC) Wallets


Desktop Wallets

Peercoin-qt – This is the core wallet

Online Wallets

ppc-wallet – This is an online wallet that we haven’t tested.

Primecoin (XPM) Wallets


Desktop Wallets

Primecoin.io – The core wallet for Primecoin


Potcoin (POT) Wallets


Online Wallets

PotWallet.com – This online wallet is my wallet of choice for potcoin.